J I L L I A N   B O U S T R E D 

Jillian Boustred is founder, designer and creative director of her namesake label. With a focus on locally made product, Boustred creates all her own pieces right here in Sydney and has seen her label go from strength to strength recently and shows no sign of slowing down.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Fashion and Textiles at UTS, she interned with a few labels before finally deciding to start her own eponymous label in 2015. With her attention to detail and keen eye for prints and pattern, she has taken minimalism to new heights, offering up clean, understated shapes and designs with her own fresh perspective.

Overseeing everything, from the initial designs right down to the finances and accounts, is no easy feat but Boustred takes it all in her stride, and in her favourite pair of Spring Courts no less. We chatted with Boustred about what inspires her, drives her and what’s next in store for Jillian Boustred.

At what point did your label turn from hobby to business?

I started the label in 2015. I was working casually as a shop assistant in Newtown and I had a bit of extra time on my hands! I used to get a bit bored on my days off during the weeks so started sewing etc. and then it just developed from there. I did study fashion though, so I never really thought of it as a hobby – it was always part of my career path.

How has the industry changed since then? What do think has been the best advent in your industry?

The industry is becoming much more aware of the environmental impacts of fashion – in particular fast fashion. Which is great for my brand, being locally made with a focus on sustainability and ethical practises. I think it’s great people are getting behind more independent brands and realising that quality and timeless pieces are worth investing in.


What do you find most challenging and most enjoyable about being a full-time creative? 

The most challenging aspect is having to wear so many different hats. I am doing different stuff every day and it can be quite hard to just focus on one project or task, especially as some of them aren’t really my strengths like finance and accounting. Decision making can also be tough, all the creative decisions are made by me which sometimes makes you go a bit crazy!

Your studio is in the heart of Chippendale – do you have any favourite spots in the area you can be found at regularly?

Yes, I love Brickfields for coffee and brunch. Spice Alley is great for some Asian food after work. Chippendale is becoming a great little hub for creative businesses so I’m lucky to be based here.

How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is very practical, especially during the week. I spend a lot of time running around so I often just wear sneakers and jeans. In summer I’m in linen a lot and love throwing on a comfy long dress.

Jillian wears the Rommy Dress in white

What do you do to switch off from work?

I usually hang out with friends to switch off. Most of my friends aren’t in the industry or aren’t creative so it’s nice just to chat about other things that are completely separate from my work. 

What exciting things do you have in store for Jillian Boustred?

I do have a collaboration on the horizon with an online store. I am also currently working on AW20 and have a few knits coming in that which will be fun, as I haven’t done knitwear before.

Can you tell us why you’ve chosen this outfit to style with our classic G2s?

I chose this outfit (jeans, T-shirt and blazer) as it’s most likely what you’ll find me wearing to work. I love wearing sneakers as I prioritise being comfy and I find Spring Court to be particularly comfortable!
Jillian in the Tommy Blazer in powder blue.
Finally, what is it that you love most about Spring Court? 

I love how classic they are and also their Parisian heritage!


Jillian wears our G2 White Canvas, Jillian Boustred Tommy Blazer, sunglasses by @auór_co, her own tee and jeans by Zara.

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