Sketching Spring Courts

Last week we invited single-line artist Jack Devereux to sketch our flagship stores. 

Hailing from New Zealand and now living in Melbourne, Devereux, list most young millennials, first got his start by uploading videos of his drawings online to YouTube. He soon caught the attention of locals and now hosts his own exhibitions around his native Melbourne. 

Working in single line drawing, he likes to think of his work as a sort of “hip-hop freestyle; quick, vulnerable to mistakes, engaging with the crowd and devoid of any second thought on my part.” 

Devereux experimented on our shopfront windows in his signature freestyle, as well as creating three different images sketched onto our classic G2 and B2 white canvas sneakers. 

Guests joined us later in the evening to toast a celebration to Devereux for his singular vision and hard work over the past few days. 

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